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These are held at Freshbrook Community Centre in Swindon on tuesday evenings from 7:45 p.m.

Contact 0118 9754803 or 07986 245573

Students should arrive in time to lay out the mats and change before the actual lesson start time.


Mat fees are £4.00 pounds per session.

Club subscriptions which include insurance and affiliation to the International Budo Council are £13.50 for new seniors' applications and £11.50 for annual renewals.

The society reserve the right to levy grading fees which currently are about 50p to £1.50 per grading.


A plain white suit is preferred. The stronger Judo style is more appropriate to the training activity but a heavy karate suit is fine and lighter ones could be worn in the summer but at the risk of tearing.

Beginners who do not have a suit may wear loose fitting clothing such as a cotton track suit, T shirt etc. It is desirable to avoid hard items that are built into the clothes such as buckles and buttons which may break, with even modest strain. Worse they could cause hurt to yourself if you were to roll on them. A Judo suit costs between £15 and £30 depending on size and quality.


A typical evening will consist of warm up exercises followed by stretching to prepare the body. Practice break-falls so your body learns to fall without harm. Basic exercises of simple movement to improve posture and balance then paired exercises of body movement.

Instruction in selected arts would mostly consist of close quarter Jujutsu and longer range flowing movements of Aikido. Training with weapons is an integral part of both these but most of the time is spent on unarmed techniques.